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Complete the form below to join the school online directory. This directory will be used by Mr. Vis for his weekly e-mails about what is happening at RVCS and any other communication he may need with parents.

Putting a checkmark  by "Receive weekly emails" will enable you to receive an email that lists the events in the school calendar for the coming week.

Be sure to submit a "Username" and "Password", so that you are able to update/edit your information as needed in the future.

Check as many "Groups you belong to" as you wish.  "Society Member" is a group for those who don't have children at RVCS, but are interested in what is happening at RVCS.  Share this membership option with grandparents.

Parents:  Please select the "Class of xxxx" grade level group for each of your children.  This will enable Mr. Vis to e-mail all parents in a particular grade level.

Each member entry allows you to have 2 e-mail addresses.  If you want more (ex. home, mom's work, dad's work).  Make 2 separate accounts (ex. one in Dad's name and one in Mom's name) which will allow you to have 4 e-mail addresses.

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