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January 22 - 26

Monday - What happened yesterday?  Pass around the prayer can.  Review New Year's Resolutions. Define what an adolescent is.  What changes are happening at this time?  How does this change your life?  What is puberty?  Read the article Sexuality and the Young Christian.  Assign "Dating Gameplan."               

Tuesday - Have the 8th grade students share their dating gameplan.  How does this align with your long term goals?  When should we begin dating?  What are appropriate dating activities? Do the W-test on your dating gameplan.    

Wednesday  -  What is infatuation?  Why is this emotion so dangerous?  What is maturity?  What are the steps to a healthy relationship?  Why are some relationships so emotional and volatile?   

Thursday - What are STD's and STI's?  Have students research them and why they are so damaging.  Finish our unit by talking about what sexual abuse is. 

Friday  - Have the th graders begin working on their Relationship Paper.  Their parents have to sign and return it before it is graded. 

U.S. History

January 25 -29

Monday -   Focus today on the Raid on Harper's Ferry, the Election of 1860, and the South Secedes.  Discuss the Confederate States of America.

Tuesday -  How did the Civil War begin?  What would have you done with the situation at Fort Sumter? Review for the test tomorrow.    

Wednesday  -   Test over the events that led us to Civil War.  Assign Civil War section 1.

Thursday  - Hand back tests and go over them.  Introduce the Civil War.  Focus on the advantages of both sides.   Begin on working on their plan to win the war.

Friday  - Present plans to win the Civil War.