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April 23-27 Christian Education Week!

Monday -  What happened yesterday?  Prayer can and New Year's Resolutions.    Introduce the book of Revelation today.  What is apocalyptic literature?  Give examples.  Show some scenes from Narnia                

Tuesday -  Focus on Revelation 1 today.  Can you draw the vision of Jesus Christ that John has.  What parts of this vision encourage you?  What parts of this scare or frighten you?  Assign the seven churches. 

Wednesday  - Begin by looking at each church that John references in Revelation 2 and 3.  For each, what does John encourage, discourage, and challenge?  Use Bible workbook to do this. 

Thursday - Look at the Worship Scene in Revelation 4 today.  Play Crystal Throne by Michael W Smith.  Can you imagine that is going on in heaven right now?  Assign Revelation 5 on the seals. 

Friday  - No class today due to the Open House. 

U.S. History

April 23 - 27 Christian Education Week!

Monday -  Finish our unit today on the Great Depression.  How did this change America?  What impact does this still have today on our culture?  What fears still exist?            

Tuesday - Test over the Great Depression.  Assign section 1 on WWII. 

Wednesday  -  Introduce our unit on WWII.  Do the "W-Test" on Adolf Hitler.  How was he able to become Dictator of Germany? 

Thursday  -  Look at other dictators  - Italy, Soviet Union, and Japan.  Spend the remainder of our time on the course of war. 

Friday  - No class due to the Open House.