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May 14 - 18

Monday -  What happened yesterday?  Prayer can and New Year's Resolutions.   Introduce the new unit on forming the scriptures and creeds and confessions of the church.  Assign persecution project.           

Tuesday -    Work on Persecution Project.  Read some articles from "Voice of the Martyrs."  Present them tomorrow.

Wednesday  - Present Persecution Projects.  

Thursday - Focus today on the "Need for Creed."  Look at the Apostles Creed and the formation of the Icthus.  Assign the Forming the New Testament Canon.  What books were included and why? 

Friday  - Discuss the New Testament Cannon.  Look at the chart on page 265 to summarize.  Talk about inspiration...  Assign Faith Statement!

U.S. History

May 14 -18

Monday -  Review our WWII unit so far.  Have a debate on the Atomic Bomb. What are the results of WWII?  Test tomorrow.             

Tuesday -    Test over WWII.  Assign section 1 of the Cold War.  

Wednesday  -  Hand back tests and go over them.  Introduce the Cold War.  Have the 8th graders find 15 examples of the Cold War in their books.    

Thursday  -  Go over all the examples of the Cold War.  Possibly watch a short piece on the United Nations.  Highlight Rocky 5!

Friday  -  Have a JFK day in history.  What was his role in the Cold War.  Watch a video on his assassination and all the theories that arise.