Leaf Collection

                                                                                                            September 2016

Leaf Collection Project

4th Grade students and parents

As part of our 4th grade science curriculum, I would like the students to make a leaf collection.  It will be a great opportunity for them to get out, study, and enjoy God’s awesome creation.  God has created a wonderful world for us to enjoy.  As they are studying God’s creation, we should not forget to give Him praise for all the many different varieties of trees he has created.  We will be going to Heritage Village in Sioux Center on Friday, Sept. 16, where they will have an opportunity to collect about 2 - 5 leaves.

What should be included?

  1. You need to collect leaves from at least 10 different species of trees (if you choose to collect more you will receive extra credit).  These leaves must be neatly mounted and labeled. I am providing you with colored sheets that you may use to mount your leaves. You do not have to use this sheet, but each leaf MUST be labeled.
  2. Please make a cover and stick it to the front of your folder! Don’t forget to include your name J
  3. You must have examples of BOTH simple leaves and compound leaves. 
  4. If you need help identifying your leaves, any library would have tree field guides.  I also have a few that I can loan out.  You may borrow them, but it will be for only a short period of time so that everyone in class will have a chance to use them if they wish. I’m also providing you with leaf keys to use electronically:





  1. I’ve given you a folder to put your pages in. Please put each page in a sheet protector and then bind it in the folder. I will have sheet protectors available at school for you to buy. They are $.10 each.


How do I mount my leaves?

  1. Leaves must be preserved in some way for them to stay good.  The best way is to press the leaves between sheets of newsprint or other soft paper to dry them.  (Telephone books work great for this, as do camping directories.)  The paper acts as a “blotter” to draw out the moisture in the leaves.  Set something heavy on top to keep them flat.  Make sure you place the leaf carefully between the paper, because after it’s dried you can’t change the shape.  It will take about one week for them to dry.  After the leaves are dried and pressed, mount and label them neatly. 
  2. Once your leaf has dried, use photo stickers or tape to stick it to the colored paper.

Don’t Forget:

  1. If you are collecting leaves from your neighborhood, please ask each homeowner for permission to collect leaves from their trees.  Respect other people’s property.  Be polite and courteous.  Remember we represent Christ and Rock Valley Christian School.
  2. As you start collecting leaves, please note that you need to know how the leaf is arranged on the tree branch.  In some books or leaf keys, that is very important in identifying a leaf. 
  3. Enjoy yourself and the wonderful outdoors that God has given us to explore.


Where are good places to collect leaves?

  1. Newton Hills State Park
  2. Oak Grove State Park
  3. Heritage Village in Sioux Center

****Remember to take only a few leaves.  Please do not hurt the tree.


Due date is October 5. (Or earlier) Your grade for this project will be based on neatness, accuracy, attractiveness, and getting it in on time.