Book Reports

OCTOBER Book Report



  1. Find a small pumpkin (no bigger than a pie tin).
  2. Select a book and read it together. Please pick a GOOD-FIT book.
  3. Pick one character and create him/her on the pumpkin. Your pumpkin can be decorated and painted in any way, but please do not carve it.
  4. ENJOY!

Due Date: Monday, October 31

Examples from last year:



Coffee Can Book Report


  1. Cover a coffee can (or any large can) with construction paper.

  2. Write the book’s title and author’s name on can.

  3. Draw your favorite part of the book on the can.

  4. Write your name on the can.

  5. Collect three objects or pictures that relate to the story. Write a description of how the object connects to your book on tags provided. Put the 3 objects and tags in your can.

Due Date: December 22



Create a Cereal Box!


1. Fill in the book information on the templates provided. (If you misplace these templates, there is a link to access another).

2. Glue information to the cereal box.

3. Cover the front and back of the cereal box with construction paper.

4. On the front of the cereal box design a book cover for the story you read. Please include the title and author of the book as well.

5. On the back of the cereal box draw a picture of your favorite scene from the book.


Due date: February 12


SPORTS Book Report

Design a T-Shirt! (T-Shirt template is provided by Mrs. E!)



  1. One sleeve should tell the reader the title and author of the book.
  2. One sleeve should tell the reader the setting of the book.
  3. The front of the shirt should be a picture of the main character of the book and a sentence telling the reader about the main character.



  1. Tell the reader about the beginning, middle, and end of the book.
  2. Draw the climax of the book.


*The T-shirt must be colored neatly! Feel free to add details, more pictures, or anything else you can think of to your T-shirt.


Enjoy being “THE DESIGNER”

Due date: March 31

Mrs. Elgersma