Spelling practice tests are on Wednesday and final tests are on Friday. Students do not have to take final take if they receive two or less errors on their practice tests.

Visit Spelling City to practice your weekly spelling tests online! Make sure you choose the correct week!



Practice your spelling words at home:

1. Write your words with white crayon, then color over it with a marker or paint over it. Watch your words appear!

2. Type your words on a computer

3. Have mom or dad scramble the words, then try to unscramble your spelling words!

4. Use pipe cleaners and bend them to form letters for your spelling words

5. Write your words with your opposite hand (if you are right-handed, write your words with your left hand)

6. Write your words on someone's back - have them try to guess what word you wrote

7. Use alphabet stamps to write your words

8. Paint your words

9. Write your words with chalk

10. Write your words using stencils

11. Write your words in shaving cream

12. Write your words using glue and glitter



If you misplace your homework, you can get another copy here! Make sure you print the correct week!

Spelling Homework Weeks 2-10

Spelling Homework Weeks 11-20

Spelling Homework Weeks 21-30

Spelling Homework Weeks 31-36