The RVCS Scrip program allows participants to use pre-paid cards or Scrip money to reduce tuition. .  Certificates are sold to RVCS at a discounted rate. RVCS then sells them to you for the face value of the certificate. The difference in cost is where the tuition reduction is made. This difference is divided into 80% tuition reduction and 20% to RVCS to operate the Scrip program

These discount amounts may not seem like much on each individual purchase, but with careful planning of your spending it can accumulate to a surprising amount. A great way to make the tuition credits build faster is to have other family members help by purchasing Scrip and designating the benefit to your tuition account. We can also set up accounts as a saving plan for future RVCS students. Some families have enough tuition credits built up to pay their Kindergarten tuition.

Scrip orders must be submitted to the school office by 11:00 a.m. on Monday.  Those order will then be available for pickup at the school office on Friday.  If your Scrip order is for a local business and over $300, you may come to the school office and ask the office staff if you can get a check written directly to the local business.  You can also use Scrip Now and Presto Pay if you wish to order online.  Contact Julie if you need help setting that up.

Payouts are made once a year in July.  For those with their youngest child graduating from 8th grade, any money in your account will automatically switch to being paid out to Western unless you let Julie know otherwise.  If your last child is a Senior at Western, a payout will be made in April of their graduating year.  If you plan to continue using Scrip, let Julie know where you would like it directed.  Accounts without a specific tuition direction will apply to the Honor the Promise account.

This is a great program and has helped many families. All it takes is determination to make as many purchases as possible using Scrip money. Check out the Shop withScrip website.  Let Julie know if you want something that is not on our order form. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call the school office at 476-2615 or Scrip coordinator, Julie Van Tol, at 605-359-8524.